Why Barbeau
<p>We are what we do.<br/>So we must do what we<br/>want to become.</p>
From plastic to fantastic

We are what we do.
So we must do what we
want to become.

Certified, sustainable yarn
Certified, sustainable yarn

We use fully-traceable SEAQUALĀ® YARN, which contains Upcycled Marine Plastic, and combine it with organic cotton.

Made in Portugal with love
Made in Portugal with love

All our products are designed and manufactured in Portugal, widely considered a leading hub for textile quality.

Long-lasting use
Long-lasting use

Our goods are easy to maintain and are sold with complimentary washing bags that minimise shedding and capture microplastics.

From sustainable to regenerative

We stand for affordable quality that contributes to our blue planet.

We'll donate 1% of our annual sales to environmental projects chosen by our social media followers. Stay tuned!

One small step for you,
a giant leap against plastic pollution.

<p>An experienced team with a key challenge</p>
From profit to purpose

An experienced team with a key challenge

Barbeau is developed by a team of ocean-loving, textile veterans who wanted to contribute to a world with less waste, while mitigating the current plastic pollution. We're based in Porto and are used to develop and market fashion products all around the world. Get in touch with us if you're interested in partnering, distributing, or purchasing for your hospitality business.

<p>SEAQUAL INITIATIVE<br/>is a unique collaborative community fighting plastic pollution.</p>
From awareness to fairness

is a unique collaborative community fighting plastic pollution.

The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE raises awareness of the problem of marine litter and gives visibility to the many people and organisations working hard to clean our oceans. Get to know the full details of their yarn and ocean clean-ups.

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