We were all born slippy. Now it's time to discover the big differences
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We were all born slippy. Now it's time to discover the big differences in the I AM BORN SLIPPY project.

We were all born slippy. Now it's time to discover the big differences in the I AM BORN SLIPPY project.

We are delighted to share with you the "I AM BORN SLIPPY" project, and we hope that by the end of this interview, your minds will be much more awake.


Q: Who is behind this community, and how did you decide to start this project?

A: Someone shared an article title they read the other day in our team meeting that said “Welcome to trying to solve the biggest problem the planet has ever seen - Climate Change.
It reminded us that there are so many people, brands and organizations out there all trying to do their bit to make a difference - and about 80% of them just aren’t getting the attention or the awareness they deserve. Born Slippy wants to put this 80% in the limelight as best we can, by presenting them on our platform.
We are a group of likeminded people spread across the world and equally contribute to the company's purpose which is to inspire the surfing community with curated content by showcasing the people, brands and organisations pioneering positive environmentalpractises.

Q: Why I Am Born Slippy? How was the name born?

A: A reminder that everybody is Born Slippy. Everybody can say: “I am Born Slippy”, it is a nice identifier that can bring us together such as: “WE are Born Slippy”. On top of that… it sounds pretty nice too ;)

Q: What are your main goals with the formation of this initiative?

A: We exist to Improve the health of our oceans by inspiring people with better options.
We inspire change by showcasing and collaborating with good people doing good things.
We will be the go to place for inspiration, information and solutions for making a positive impact on the ocean.

 Q: This being a growing project, what are your main concerns?

A: That we are too late by the time we reach the number of people that are needed for the change.

Q: What inspires and moves you?

A: We are inspired by the amazing initiatives and people we come across everyday such as Barbeau, Sea Shepard, Ocean Generation & many more. The ones that share our values and have amazing ways to combine their product or story with improving the health of our oceans. That’s the thing that moves us and inspires us to get better as a business as well.

Q: Why the surf industry? Is it some kind of hobby/passion you have?

A: As a community, surfers are most connected to the ocean. The ocean covers more than 70% of the planet and as mentioned, the planet needs our help. From a reverse engineering point of view, we felt that the surfing industry was the best place for us to start and inspire change.

Q: What is your connection to the ocean?

A: Some of the happiest memories we (at Born Slippy) have are connected to the ocean. A first kiss, a first swim in a paradise bay, a stop-in-time moment under a natural waterfall. All of these memories will cease to exist unless change happens. We feel the oceans need our core focus if we are to move the needle on climate change fast.

Q: Your mission is to ensure a better future for our oceans and biodiversity.
What sparked this caring instinct in you?

A: It should be everybody’s mission to want a better future. Either personal or companies.
Thankfully, we are exposed to some great stories that have educated us on the current situation that we’re in and that was the spark for us to create Born Slippy.

Q: Sustainability is an increasingly talked about and practiced subject. How do you approach this subject in your platform?

A: We practice it by showcasing and collaborating with the people, brands and partners that are practicing sustainability in the way that we believe in.

Q: What tips/advice can you give to those looking to practice a more
conscious lifestyle?

A: Educate yourself. There are so many ways to change your lifestyle that have little impact on you, but a big impact on the world.

Q: In the long term, what can we expect from I Am Born Slippy? Are there any projects that you can share with us?

A: Our number one goal now is to grow our community, every person we inspire to make a different choice inspires us to do better, and keep adding inspiration to our platform.

Q: In your opinion, what are the most environmentally deceptive and slippery practices?

A: The practices and people that confuse the ‘good for the ocean’ with the ‘good for me’.


Thank you so much for your time and project!
We truly hope that together we get to reach more and more people waking them up for reality!

We only wish you the best!