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Time to be blue. Because being green is not enough. 

Barbeau is all about connecting with the ocean. With respect. We design our products to generate value out of sea waste, especially plastic, while promoting a circular and sustainable global economy.

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Re-inventing the lifecycle of plastics

Helping Nature

Helping Nature

Our products are made with a combination of SEAQUAL® YARN and organic cotton. Each towel contains roughly 1kg upcycled marine litter, collected by local communities from the oceans and beaches, and 9kg of post-consumer plastic from landfills.

Helping Us

Helping Us

To avoid the release of microplastics from polyester fibre shedding during washing, all our products come packed in a washing bag made of monofilaments. The bag not only protects the products, increasing their lifespan, but also filters any loose fibres.

Helping You

Helping You

And once your Barbeau product is tired, we are ready to welcome it back and give you an hefty discount in the next purchase. Ship it to us with this form and we will reintroduce it in our production process, reusing its materials and reducing waste.

When saving the planet, every small step counts

<p>So, where will <strong>your Barbeau</strong> take </p><p>you next?</p>
Around the world in 80 washes

So, where will your Barbeau take

you next?

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Do you want to share the Barbeau philosophy?

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